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$ 650.00

Palermo Butterfly Chair

Handcrafted in Argentina by 

The Palermo Leather Workshop 

The Butterfly Chair is authentically Argentine: its inventive design and remarkable craftsmanship are iconic. Created in 1938 by Argentine architects, the 'BKF' style became widely known throughout the United States and Europe as a symbol of modern design.

Masterfully dyed, stitched, and stamped by hand the cover is made of 100% vegetable tanned saddle leather that, like a fine wine, ages beautifully. The supporting hairpin iron frame is both sleek and incredibly durable. Made exclusively in a fair trade environment, each piece takes our master artisans three days to complete.

Notable for its elegant form, this chair serves as a stylish addition to any living or studio space. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 33"H x 30"W x 30"D
  • MATERIALS: Argentinian leather + iron frame
  • COLORS: Rich cognac leather with black base 
  • MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Comes with hand-numbered tag

**Note: This item will ship out December 30, so it won't make it in time for holiday gifting, but it WILL arrive just in time to start the new year in style.** 

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